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Nothing stays the same forever. As children grow and as family finances evolve, the original terms of a divorce decree often become less appropriate. When this happens, you need to work with a lawyer to effect modifications.

The Scope of Possible Divorce Modifications in Washington

At the Law Office of Michael A. Dunn, we are often asked to reopen the files from a divorce, and alter some of the terms of the agreement. It is not as easy as penciling in the changes on the decree papers and writing your initials in the margins.

Divorce decrees are final. You may not modify your divorce decree to get undivorced. For that you need an appeals process, which can be very daunting. Divorce decrees can be modified, but only when a significant change in the circumstances of the two parties has occurred.

These are the areas in which the divorce decree may be modified: child custody, parental rights and visitation and child support. In each case you will need an experienced attorney to guide you.

Child Custody and Support Modification Lawyer for Silverdale

Changing custody arrangements requires that there be a substantial change of circumstances. To succeed at changing a custody agreement, a parent must either obtain the agreement of the custodial parent or demonstrate in a court of law that the change is required because the child is currently in danger of abuse or neglect.

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Changing a visitation agreement is much easier. All you have to demonstrate is that you have a different job, live in a different location or have remarried. There are numerous acceptable reasons for modifying a visitation schedule.

Changing a child support order requires that two years have elapsed or circumstances have changed substantially. An increase in salary is a common reason. Losing one's job or change in a parent's health are other common reasons.

Before we take your modification case, we want to know that the modification is justified by a substantial change in life circumstances. We will be very honest about chances. We don't want to invest time and money in cases that have little chance of success.

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