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We call them parental rights in Washington. But by any name, custody and visitation are among the most heated issues in a divorce.

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There are two kinds of legal custody, (known in Washington as parenting plans) which answers the question, Who makes decisions?

And there are two kinds of physical custody, which answers the question, Who does the child stay with?

  • Sole legal custody: when one parent is responsible for the child's health, education, and general well-being.
  • Joint legal custody: when both parents share these decision-making responsibilities. The noncustodial parent may be given visitation rights.
  • Sole physical custody: when the child lives exclusively with one parent, and the other parents may have visitation rights.
  • Joint physical custody: not 50/50 sharing of the child, but both parents have generous amounts of contact with the child.

Choosing the Optimal Parenting Plan

Working with both sides. Michael Dunn's law firm will explore creative options to provide the right degree of custody and contact to both parents.

Crafting Acceptable Relocation Solutions

Parents must abide by rules when relocating with a child. The parent who is relocating must give notice before moving. This allows the other parent to protest the move — and avoids angry accusations of kidnapping. Move-aways must not be done out of vindictiveness. Always, the primary consideration is the well-being of the child.

Sensitive Port Orchard and Bremerton Visitation Lawyer

Experience is the key to successful family decisions. In Kitsap County, judges know Mike Dunn and know that he keeps the interests of the child foremost in his considerations. When judges know an attorney is looking out for the children, that counts for something.

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